4 Simple Tips on Creating a Flawless Base Using Oil-free Face Primers

Using face primers for oily skin

Any beautician or makeup artist will tell you that a good base will result in a flawless face.

There are so many beauty products on the market today, but some of these products are substandard or of low quality.

Before you chose what base you are going to be using, you have to consider several things like your skin shade and your skin type.

Basically, a good and quality face primer helps your makeup to blend well with your skin, and also it helps to last for a long period of time.

You must know how to take care of your skin first. An oil-free foundation primer will act as a moisturizer; your face will be left looking fresh and healthy and glowing. Always wash off all the makeup before going to bed.

Mask and scrub your face often, drink a lot of water and eat healthily, your skin and face will reward you for it.

Below are some tips that you can learn from on how to do your own making up using some drugstore oil-free primers to achieve that professional look.

#1 - Foundation primers for oily skin

An oil-free foundation primer is more or less the same as a moisturizer the only difference being it absorbs any oils that contain the salicylic acid.

This helps in making your face less oily, creates an even and smooth appearance and increases the duration the foundation stays put on your face.

Most oil-free foundation primers have sunscreen, grape seed, and green tea extracts. Some are water-based and some do not have preservatives and fragrance.

There are different shades of foundation primers, therefore, you have to be keen on the shade that best suits your skin and also a quality product that will not do more harm to your face than good.

Apply a generous amount of your oil-free primer and spread evenly on your face, this is the most critical stage of any make-up application.

This stage will determine if your make- up applies evenly and blends well with your skin to give you that beautiful glow or it will leave smudges all over your face making you look like a clown.

Oil-free primers are especially useful for people who are struggling with oily skins. Wash your face with warm water with your preferred soap, rinse thoroughly, drape a clean towel to dry then apply the oil-free foundation primer, and then apply your makeup, your friends will be swooning around you asking you about your secret.

#2 - Eyelid and Eyeshadow primers

These primers are specifically used around the eyes. An oil-free eyelid primer helps in reducing oil around the eyelid, and upper eye makes the color even and adds a little glow giving your eye some beautiful shimmer.

The eyelid primer helps when applying eyeshadow from accumulating on the eyelids.

The oil-free eyeshadow primer which is mostly applied on the eyelid and lower eye before applying eyeshadow also makes the skin around the eye even, conceals eyelid veins and the skin around the eyelids smooth.

Eye primers help in increasing the color intensity of the eyeshadow and prevents smearing onto the eyelids because the oil-free primer already took care of the oils around the eye.

#3 - Mascara primers

Most mascara primers are colorless; this is because the eye-shadow has color. You do not want to mix too many colors on the eye that may make you look like a clown.

The oil-free mascara primer normally makes the eyelashes thicker and longer before applying the mascara to give you a fuller and finished look.

Oil-free mascara primer will also keep your mascara from forming smudges and flakes; it also makes the eyelashes look more healthy.

#4 - Lip primers

Some oil-free lip primers are colorless. Oil-free lip primers are used to make the lips smooth; they make the lips look healthier and lusher. Smoother lips are easier to apply lipstick or lip gloss to.

Oil-free lip primers intensify lip color, holds the lipstick in place hence stops smearing outside the lips.

Exfoliate your lips before applying your oil-free lip primer; this is to make the lips smooth, then apply your lipstick or your lip gloss. You will achieve a more glamorous look that makes your lips almost appear natural.

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