FAQ – how to use Acnezine properly

Acne are one of the most common conditions and one that affects one the largest percentage of people worldwide. This condition is well known to everyone who has been through puberty and even if you were lucky enough to avoid having acne, you definitely know at least one person who has had this problem. Acne are not dangerous or anything, but they can have serious consequences to the psyche and especially to the self-esteem of the individual who suffers from acne.

Acne occur mainly during pregnancy because during pregnancy, the body produces excess amounts of androgens, which are male hormones which also become overproduced in women. Due to this increase in androgen levels, the follicles in the skin produce increased amounts of sebum which is a naturally occurring substance, but which can block the pores if it is produced in amounts that are excessive. Once the pores are blocked and no oxygen gets inside them, a specific kind of bacteria thrives, causing inflammations that are manifested as acne.

Acnezine is a program which combines a cream and a supplement that is ingested in order to battle the acne. It is quite easy and simple to use, but there are certain facts about the proper use that you need to keep in mind and the goal of this article is to let you in on these facts.

First of all, you should make sure that you are maintaining proper hygiene of the areas on your body where the acne occurs. This includes regular washing of these places with lukewarm water and nothing else. Also, it is essential to avoid touching these areas and especially to squeeze or pop the acne or the blackheads.

Once you start using Acnezine program, it is important to keep in mind that both parts of the program must be used in order to achieve the best results. You might achieve certain results by, for example, using only the Acnezine cream, but you need to remember that it works best in combination with the supplement.

The cream is applied at least once a day and it is important to first wash the area where it is going to be applied. Keep in mind that Acnezine contains benzoyl peroxide, which is a compound that might cause dryness and slight irritation of the skin in some people. However, these side effects will subside in time as the body gets used to the compound. It is because of this that you need to start off with the smallest amounts of Acnezine possible, gradually increasing the amounts as your body gets used to the compound. Hopefully, you will not be one of the very rare people who are oversensitive to this compound.

Also, because of the benzoyl peroxide, it is recommended to avoid contact with the eyes, lips or mouth and also to avoid too much exposure to the sunlight when the cream is applied.

It is also very important to regularly take the Acnezine supplement with a full drink of water. It would be best if you could maintain a regular schedule of taking the supplement as this way you ensure certain levels of different beneficial natural ingredients in your system. With taking this supplement, you are ensuring other beneficial effects that are not achieved by simply applying the cream. It does not matter if you take the Acnezine supplement with or without food.

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